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We, like you, want to be successful. If we do the right thing with you, then you will likely have a positive view of us. Trust is developed through a series of positive interactions over time, not by a sales pitch or catch phrase. The financial industry is riddled with arrogance, complacency and entitlement… none of which are in anyone’s best interest. Longevity and growth achieved through a mutually symbiotic relationship is the best formula for any business owner’s success. Is this how you would describe your current advisory relationship or maybe the one you would want? 
We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor focused on wealth and investment management. You might be asking what is wealth and investment management? Well, it is not just managing your investments day-to-day, it is about helping you reach your goals by planning, monitoring and structuring your household and financial assets, so it is optimized, to help you reach your goals. In addition, we act as Fiduciaries, putting your interests ahead of ours. So what’s this mean to you?  And why should I care, everyone is held to the same rules anyway! Right?

About Us

What’s a Fiduciary Anyway?

No, not right at all in fact. Fiduciary [fi-doo-shee-er-eee] (n). from the Latin fiducia, meaning “trust,” a person or business who has the power and obligation to act for another under circumstances which require trust, good faith and honesty. Not all ‘advisors’ are created equally. In fact, most are not and do not have to disclose all conflicts of interest. 

So what? They can’t break the law. Well, ethically you are right. But when registered under the umbrella of a Registered Investment Advisor, and not necessarily a Broker as a series 7, we are required to place your interests in front of our to make sure we are doing right by you and your family. Additionally, we are required to openly state any conflicts of interest, such as payments for selling mutual funds in your account or having you buy an annuity or any other type of remuneration in terms of our relationship with you. That can present conflicts. 

In fact, if you are at a major brokerage firm, you can look back at an old statement and take a peek at the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. No need to believe us, you may be just getting acquainted, trust takes time! 



fuest & klein was founded from a predecessor firm, Landor & Fuest Capital Management, in existence since 2009. 

With the launch of the expanded firm in 2017, the goals were simple: enahnce education, improve service and enahnce the back and front end technology platforms to get ready for the next leg of growth, allowing us to take on more clients by adding staff.


It is not about what we do, it is about how we do it with you that is different. Our interactive, state-of-the-art technology allows us to collaborate conveniently, leaving the full spectrum of our relationship open and transparent. In addition, if you choose, our tools allow you to aggregate your accounts and connect them, so you can see your 

...because finance and good service aren't difficult


whole financial picture in one place and we can plan and communicate with you right there. 
In addition, we are not here to just manage your investments and offer guidance on the markets. We strive to create a holistic relationship.  Offering our deep business knowledge to you and your family, and we can help you manage your other advisors, such as lawyers and accountants.

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