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If I plan to work with you, how to I know my assets are safe you won’t steal it???


- Our custodian is Pershing LLC, A BNY Mellon Company. In total, they service 27 trillion dollars. Additionally, the account has SIPC along with excess coverage through Lloyds of London for a per account loss up to $1.9 million with cash claims of cash awaiting reinvestment and $1 Billion across all our aggregate accounts. 


How much money do I actually need to Retire? 


- This all depends on the lifestyle you want to live? We like to poke fun at the saying on old Wall Street and still today, that if you save 15% of income you will get there? Where the hell is there and do you want to just get there after 40 years or more of working? We say hell no, you want to get there how you want! 


What is a Registered Investment Advisor?

- As an RIA firm, it means we are registered differently than traditional brokers of the past and are held to a fiduciary duty, meaning putting your interests first, transparency, and full disclosure about our practices as they pertain to managing our business. Sure, there are still bad actors out there and you need to be careful by asking questions! 

Should I Take Out a 15 year or 30 year mortgage? 

 - We get this question a lot. In our view, we think you should use someone else's money for as long as you can while accumulating yours!  In general, average market returns have outpaced the cost of interest over longer periods of time. Sure, there is no guarantee, but in general we have found between the tax advantages and your ability to save, as your money grows it has the opportunity to make more money. 


What is a Fiduciary anyway and why should I care, all Advisors are held to same standards, right? 

- No, not right at all in fact. Fiduciary [fi-dooo-she-er-eee] (n). from the Latin fiducia, meaning “trust,” a person or business who has the power and obligation to act for another under circumstances which require trust, good faith and honesty. Not all ‘advisors’ are created equally. In fact, most are not and do not have to disclose all conflicts of interest. 



How do I know how much I am paying? 

- With many advisors unless they are fee only, you don’t! With us it is a bit more simple than that. We don’t sell you product, so there are no product fees. Obviously we have to invest your portfolio, so with stocks there is a flat $8 trade and for bonds the fee $15 per trade. For our fee, we are fee only and it is based on how much you have with us managing. It is billed quarterly in arrears and prorated for days in the quarter if you come in mid quarter. 



How do I know I can trust you? 

- Well, right now you don’t. That takes time and a process. As we begin our conversations that will begin to develop or not. Sometimes, if you are not coming through a referral, which most of our new clients do, we can offer you two client contacts for you to talk with and ask as many questions as you like, being respectful of their time of course but getting enough for you as well. Obviously we wouldn’t offer someone unhappy as no one would, so we suggest asking questions that concern you the most and see how they respond. That’s the only way your spidey sense will be more comfortable.